KK brings you best practice HR. With expertise across the full employee life cycle, KK can both identify the cause of concern and help you where you need it most.


KK won't compromise on values. Personally and professionally, you can expect:
  • KK is committed to care, quality and continuous improvement
  • At, KK, we are about humans! Humans can't be described with buzzwords and they don't fit neatly on PowerPoint slides
  • We just deliver great work!

Corporate Services

KK offers many corporate services to fuel your business:

  • helping define your employer brand and Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
  • assistance with your recruiting and onboarding (rapid staffing, executive headhunting, specialist talent search, temp hiring, talent management)
  • helping you to establish your HR policies and materials (policies, procedures, welcome new starter kit, emergency manuals)
  • defining, understanding and/or focusing on your diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategies (how to attract, nurture and develop diverse humans)

Personal Services

KK also offers personal services where expertise is applied to enhance the individual:

  • expert resume guidance (how to get more phone calls back!)
  • executive coaching (how to ask for help when you're already a leader)
  • "hacking" the recruitment process (learning what happens after you click apply)
  • how to lift your LinkedIn profile to ensure you are being found by headhunting recruiters and talent scouts
  • professional coaching covering everything from personal brand to guidance on career direction and pathways to rapid progression
  • negotiation, mediation and interpersonal training - how to assertively achieve


KK Consulting (est. 2018) is led by Karen Katz, a highly regarded Human Resources consultant with a strong reputation that leads many to refer to her by the simple moniker 'KK'.

KK launched her own consultancy to offer her core skills of helping businesses grow through obtaining, managing and retaining excellent talent.

She honed this expertise through her instrumental Head of HR role at Intunity - a company that grew so effectively they were absorbed by PwC, who retained KK as a Senior Manager.

In this capacity, she continued to fuel the growth of digital consulting services, rebuilt their onboarding program, restructured agency relationships and became a "coach to the coaches".

In short, KK has deep experience with the enterprise of any size!